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Multimedia designer
Web designer
Divi Builder
Graphic design
Desktop Publisher
Video editing & animations
Vector & Image Editing

July 6, 1979, Ulft
The Netherlands

Multimedia Design
Graphic Lyceum Eindhoven
Graphic Lyceum Utrecht

Hello! Let me introduce myself: I am Twan Elshof a web designer, graphic designer and prepress specialist, in short, a jack of all trades with a lot of knowledge and experience.

In addition to web design and graphic techniques, I am all-round in the field of multimedia productions. During my career I have gained experience with various systems at various companies, including the popular WordPress, in which I have specialized myself for many years now.

With WordPress and the Divi builder I have had a close love relationship for years now!

I design, create and maintain websites and web shops. I also take care of optimization of the organic findability in search engines. I would be happy to think along with you and your company. I listen carefully to your wishes and translate them into a professional design.

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You can call on me for almost anything in the field of graphics & multimedia, such as Prepress, Desktop Publishing, Image editing, Graphics & Web Design, (Technical) translations English from/to Native Dutch, German to Native Dutch, Spanish to Native Dutch. I am an expert in the Dutch language and have a keen eye for grammatic and other possible errors. I am also very experienced in video production and editing.


2016 – present | Freelance Multimedia, Webdesign & Graphic Design

If you would like to make use of my services or if you would like to get to know me better, please do not hesitate to contact me without any obligation and let me inform you about my favorable rates. I am also open to work on a project basis.

● WordPress & DIVI Builder specialist
● Webshops / E-commerce solutions
● SEO Search Engine Optimization
● SEA Google Shopping product feed
● Multilingual websites
● Translations from/to Dutch, English and Spanish (also technical)

2013 – 2016 | Webdesigner / Graphic Designer - Lamers Reinigingstechniek B.V.

Designing and maintaining existing websites. Designing flyers, brochures and manuals.

2012 – 2013 | Graphic Designer / Product Photography - Reinigingspartner B.V.

Photographing the entire product range, cutting out, editing and archiving the footage in order to realize a professionally designed product catalog and advertising expressions.

2008 – 2012 | Graphic Designer / Prepress / Coordinator - WCGO Mediagroep B.V.

Coordinating and preparing newspaper pages, advertisements, specials, getting everything ready for printing and sending it to the print shop on time. I also checked/corrected the PDF files with pitstop/flightcheck and then printed out the printing plates with a modern CTP system. Also maintain contact with the sales department and the customers for the delivery of various advertising material. Work ended due to bankruptcy.

2006 – 2008 | Audiovisueel Designer - CreaMedia Televisie & Multimedia B.V.

In this company my tasks were very varied. For example, I was not only involved in designing websites, web applications and instructions, but also programming interactive CD-ROMs. I was also responsible for the lighting, camera and sound in the film studio and on film locations. In this way it was possible to gain experience in various multimedia areas.

2001 – 2002 | Multimedia Designer / Video-editor - Te Mebel TV & Videoproducties

Here I gained a lot of experience in the field of camera work, directing, sound editing and video editing. As a team we made TV commercials, many corporate videos, instructional videos and also educational videos. Furthermore, I was involved in the design, design and programming of various types of interactive ROM applications and projects.

2001 | Graphic Designer - Wim ten Broeke Reclame Adviseurs

Designing, implementing and programming new websites and modifying existing websites. To be able to make changes to an existing website, the necessary knowledge of HTML and CSS and additional scripting are required. It was nice to be able to design according to your own ideas.

1999-2000 | New Media Designer - Lukkien Digital Studios

During my internship at Lukkien Digital Studio’s in Ede, I worked in the New Media department, where I was involved in designing new websites, maintaining and restyling. I was also responsible for the development of an interactive safety training application for Akzo Nobel.

1999 | Graphic Design / Prepress - Senefelder Misset B.V.

At Senefelder Misset in Doetinchem I worked as a full-fledged trainee in the Design, Prepress, Plaatkopie CTF & CTP departments. My responsibilities included the prepress and final control of graphic productions, various prominent trade journals, magazines and magazines. I also jumped in wherever I could help and therefore performed all common activities.

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